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Air cargo market data since 2004

WorldACD is a data publishing company based in Amsterdam. We provide market data to parties in the air cargo industry.  Our data and insights support our customers to optimise their business, and together we contribute to making the global air cargo industry more efficient and sustainable.

Processing, verifying and classifying commercial data is the core business of our team of experienced specialists. Our techniques have been developed and refined through an ongoing, intensive dialogue with each participant, as part of a data partnership.

Using only primary data sources, we work tirelessly on developing the perfect representation of the worldwide air cargo markets for our customers.

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Confidentiality and neutrality

WorldACD is a neutral and objective data partner. We stick to the facts & figures and do not provide consultancy services. With our customers also being our suppliers, we take extreme care in treating all data inputs as strictly confidential. Inputs are only used to build aggregated market totals, and therefore are not available to any other party (neither to other subscribers nor to other third parties).

We are very pleased to have gained the trust of our customers over the past 20 years. Our efforts have resulted in the most complete, comprehensive and reliable database on air cargo markets in the industry.

The early days

In February 2004, a small group of Dutch airline and aviation people started WorldACD. Their aim was to create a new type of service, providing comprehensive data on air cargo markets. They identified three key requirements for the new service:

• a truly worldwide scope
• inputs from primary sources
• strict confidentiality and neutrality

Personalized service, competitive pricing and state-of-the-art technology were at the forefront at the start, and continue to be guiding principles for our organization.

Our team

Our team has vast know-how and experience gathered from a variety of backgrounds: airline management, sales & operations, integrator business, aviation consultancy, operations research & econometrics, IT infrastructure and software engineering.

We are collectively drawn to the common goal of working on the perfect representation of the air cargo industry. From our office in Amsterdam, we continue to work on this in tireless fashion, together with our expanding group of customers.


Ken de Witt Hamer

Bart van Asten

Bart van Asten


Rogier Blocq

Head of Product Development
Esther du Marchie Sarvaas

Esther du Marchie Sarvaas – Carli

Management Assistant
Steven Ankersmit

Steven Ankersmit

Sales Channel Manager
Ingeborg van der Tuijn

Ingeborg van der Tuijn

Data Scientist
Rémon van Es

Rémon van Es

Business Development Manager
Gera Berwers

Gera de Vries

Data Analyst
Andrzej Smigiel

Andrzej Smigiel

Data Analyst

Colin Williams

Business Intelligence Manager

Kyra Lancee

Management Assistant

Hugo Koppelaars

Business Development

Iryna de Jong – Polukhina

Data Scientist

Ruben Plasmeijer

Data Analyst

Gerard Barbalich

Product Development

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